Car accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. However, it is more common in big and very busy cities like Las Vegas. The crowd of pedestrians who share the streets with all kinds of motorists, both of whom may exhibit some form of negligence or other, is the prime setting for a car crash. Although negligent behavior behind the wheel is the top reason for road accidents, there are natural and unintentional factors that could also trigger them.

Drunk Driving.

Drunk driving is a common cause of road accidents all over the world. Driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law. Alcohol impairs mechanical and cognitive function while in the system so getting behind the wheel is dangerously flirting with disaster. In a car accident suit where the cause is determined to be because the driver was drunk, a top rated car accident attorney only needs to capitalize on this negligent and very criminal action to easily acquire compensation for his injured client.

Inclement Weather.

Nature can sometimes create poor weather conditions in which to drive. rain and snow make the road slippery and greatly reduces visibility, day or night. Storms also hinder the driver from seeing the road and in some cases, hazardous items are swept into their path by wild gusts of wind. It is always advisable to avoid driving in these conditions. Legally, damages incurred in these conditions are sometimes considered acts of God. However, in cases where it is determined that the driver could have exercised some caution or avoided driving altogether, a legal claim can be made by the person who experienced physical injury or property damage as a result.

Vehicle Malfunction.

This cause falls into two categories. Vehicle malfunction can be because the vehicle developed a fault and needs to be fixed. If this is the case, it is incumbent upon the driver to have it taken for repairs so it doesn’t break down and develop a fault. On the other hand, it could also be because the vehicle had a manufacturing fault. Design defects pose a threat to the driver and other road users. If it is determined that the manufacturing defect in the vehicle is the catalyst to an accident, the manufacturer could be held liable and ordered to pay for damages.

Distracted Driving.

Drivers are expected to say focused when behind the wheel. There are a lot of things that could cause distractions and lead to an accident. Texting while driving is a common modern-day cause. It is against the law to do so but it is still a common practice and several accidents have occurred because of it. Staring outside the window and eating while driving is also the kinds of activities that are very distracting and can lead to accidents.

Violating Traffic Rules.

Another very common cause of accidents is the violation of traffic rules. Running stop signs at corners and intersections has resulted in countless accidents. So has breaking speed limits. All of these are a catalyst to road accidents and make perpetrators liable for damages.


There are several other causes of road accidents. The bottom line is some are a result of natural and unforeseen circumstances while most are due to negligent behavior behind the wheel. Caution must be exercised at every point when operating a vehicle especially in a shared space with other people.

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